Works with any Kubernetes Platform
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Add Klusternetes to your Kubernetes clusters in less than a minute.

Designed for

Developers and Operators


Engineers will be more productive with instant self-service Kubernetes clusters. Spend less time spinning up clusters and more time doing what is Essential.

Resource Efficiency

Klusternetes helps you avoid unnecessary infrastructure costs when dealing with multiple Kubernetes clusters by using virtual k8s clusters without compromising the performance using its unique architecture.

Streamline Operator Development

Operator development in a shared k8s environment can be a hassle when multiple developers work simultaneously; using klusternetes virtual clusters; each developer gets their own sandboxed k8s environment.


Your PR can now be deployed in their sandbox k8s environment prebuilt with storage/ingress; This helps operations deal with stale Kubernetes clusters and gives predictability and consistency in the pipelines.

Demo environments

Deploy your k8s-ready products in sandboxed environments. Use klusternetes for demos, and reduce the waiting time for your end users in provisioning. Reduce cost for IT by eliminating overheads.

High Availability Control Plane

Run workloads reliability and remove single points of failure from clusters. The control plane spins up clusters and scales quickly as the API load increases.


Bring Your Own Kubernetes

Klusternetes agent allows you to use your own on-premise/cloud Kubernetes cluster infrastructure to create virtual clusters.

Enhanced Marketplace

Try our extensive range of vetted open source products from our marketplace to minimize the learning curve and get ahead of the curve.

Manage Infrastructure

We manage end-to-end infrastructure, so you can focus on what's essential. Klusternetes offers complete SaaS service to provide k8s clusters on demand.


Klusternetes consumes less than a GB to operate at a decent scale. Only the Control plane for virtual clusters runs as pods, hence less overall capacity usage.

Klusternetes Use Cases

Disposable clusters for testing & Training

  • CI environments often need clean environments to deploy and test pull requests. It is crucial for operator-based Kubernetes applications. Klusternetes provides on-demand and lightening fast provisioning of Kubernetes clusters using nodejs/Other language SDKs.
  • Klusternetes can provide fast and easy temporary clusters for cluster-admin to try out different cloud-native software.
  • Klusternetes can provide isolated lab environments in minutes, so you can easily plan for upskilling your devs at a low cost.

Demo Environments for Customers & Hobby Projects

  • Streamline your Sales Demo’s.
  • Sell Faster with Qucik Demo/Trial Spin off’s
  • Eliminate dependency on other teams.

Dedicated low-cost Clusters for Developers

  • Using docker-compose on local machines and Kubernetes on upper environments can incur more dev costs than you anticipated.
  • When working with microservices, the increased need for capacity on work laptops is often overlooked and causes a significant cut down in productivity due to overheated CPUs
  • When working with microservices, developers often spin up local Kubernetes clusters using minikube, k3s, etc. This solution is not scalable as the microservices count increases.
  • Developers are often constrained with several restrictions on shared clusters to protect other tenants and workload; this kills productivity.
  • Having a dedicated cluster gives flexibility for developers to innovate faster.

What problems does klusternetes solve?

  • More control admins and developers.
  • Increased utilization of resources
  • Less operational overhead for maintaining k8s clusters

Klusternetes - Virtual Cluster / Benefits

As organizations adopt microservices patterns and two pizza team structures they would like to own dev, ops, and platform operations. This results in increased demand for admin access on clusters. Since its hard on a shared cluster, virtual clusters create a lot of value addition by providing primarily following.

  • More control admins and developers.
  • Increased utilization of resources
  • Less operational overhead for maintaining k8s clusters

Klusternetes Pricing & Plans

Monthly Annually
Save up to 20% with yearly billing
Contents Starter Economy Standard Pro Enterprise
Compute 2vcpu / 8GB RAM 4vcpu / 16GB RAM 8vcpu / 32GB RAM 16vcpu / 64GB RAM Custom Configuration
Storage 50 GB HDD 80 GB HDD 120 GB HDD 160 GB HDD
Control Plane Free Free Free Free
Data Transfer
100 Mbps 200 Mbps 300 Mbps 300 Mbps
Pricing Free $60/mo $129/mo $249/mo
Buy Buy Buy Buy

Coming Soon

Monthly Annually


Onboard your team with flexible per-user pricing for Klusternetes.

  • Up to 100 Users
  • 10 Kubernetes Clusters
  • Up to 1,000 Virtual Clusters
  • Self-Service Namespaces
  • Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete
  • Email & Chat Support


Enterprise-grade Loft deployments with best-in-class support.

Custom Pricing

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Kubernetes Clusters
  • Unlimited Virtual Clusters
  • Self-Service Namespaces
  • Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete
  • High-Availability Mode
  • Secrets Encryption
  • Audit Logging
  • Air-Gapped & VPC Support
  • White Glove Onboarding
  • Priority Support