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High performance kubernetes environment where responsiveness meets innovation.
CI/CD environments and developers want disposable low-priced clusters and current market solutions are expensive & time consuming. Klusternetes simplifies this by providing managed k8s clusters in less than 30 seconds vs 8-30 minutes average time on cloud.

  • Self-Service Environment Provisioning
  • Cost Optimization On Auto-Pilot
  • Enterprise-Grade Access Control
  • Secure Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy

The Most Advanced Platform For Kubernetes Self-Service and Multi-Tenancy

Easy tooling for users to request a cluster through self-service portal and find them on-boarded in seconds as there's no overhead of provisioning the machines (or) use complicated bootstrapping strategies to put in kubernetes from scratch and assemble complicated policies to alter isolation.

The Most Advanced Platform For Kubernetes Cost Optimization On Auto-Pilot

Rather than making heavyweight, resource-hungry and isolated clusters, Organizations can launch lightweight clusters that are backed by a KLUSTERNETES resolution, that consolidates workloads, permits for resource sharing and ultimately saves tons of infrastructure price.

The Most Advanced Platform For Kubernetes Enterprise-Grade Access Control

Thanks to Klusternetes platform's distinctive design, groups will currently form unparalleled resilience where-as minimising their footprint and infrastructure price.

The Most Advanced Platform For Kubernetes Secure Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy

Isolate and Secure your workloads across zones or regions. Use the same tooling and workflows everywhere from one central interface. This can be considerably cheaper than making separate full-blown clusters and it offers higher multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces.


klusternetes Pricing & Plans

Use it CI/CD Pipeline

Fast & disposable clusters for CI/CD environments and developers.

  • Klusternetes gives you ephemeral kubernetes environments to test pull requests in isolated and fresh environments.

  • Enable self service for your teams to create ondemand environments rapidly.

  • Klusternetes provides plugins for github actions, command line access and api’s for end to end automation.

Low-Cost Demo Instance Free

Competitive pricing with consumption based subscription.

  • Klusternetes provides light weight virtualized kubernetes clusters on top of your existing kubernetes infrastructure, hence does not add additional operational or infrastructure overhead.

Create your hobby cluster for Free

Deploy highly available containerized apps in K8S clusters. Automate, isolate, secure, manage and monitor your workloads.

  • Excited to experience the speed of klusternetes?

  • Try for free today. Hobby clusters are free forever.

  • Hobby clusters are deleted every 20 days.

Launch pad for your Saas Product

Make your product pitches faster and improve user onboarding experience.

  • Make your product pitches faster and improve user onboarding experience, provide self service isolated demo instances to your customers instantly. No need to refactor your product for multi-tenancy.

  • Is your sales team struggling with shared environments? Bring self service to your sales team but without additional overhead of operations or cost

Klusternetes is a technology driven entity striving for excellence in what we deliver to our clients. Klusternetes is an entity that’s being established with a passion to offer the state-of-the-art technology solution, at an extremely economical price to the community of testers, hobbyists, and startup entities. We as a team with a collective experience of a few thousand man hours of experience and being associated from the inception of Kubernetes, do understand the community requirements where we decided to serve the same with a missionary zeal of “we don’t have to be the biggest to be the best”.

Klusternetes belong to the same enterprise that has specialized skill sets in cloud native technologies with the majority of us possessing formal certifications of various environments like AWS, GCP and Azure. We are an entity driven by a passion for aiming for excellence in what we do. Most of our team members are technology evangelists serving global enterprises for mission critical environments. We are an entity that has an aim to cater through cream of our experience to testers, hobbyists and Start-Ups to minimize your pain points in-terms infrastructure requirements for CI/CD environments.

Create an Immutable Kubernetes Environment for Your CI/CD Pipeline with the assistance of Klusternetes.

You might be wondering on what makes us unique:

  • An entity established by industry veterans

  • Supported by well experienced Architects

  • Support through globally experienced & certified team with proven knowledge

  • Support team have experience in managing complex environments on global platforms

  • Optimal price performance solution in the market

  • We may help you in reducing the Time of Release Cycles

  • We provide on-demand service that can be operational in a few seconds.

  • We help you manage deployments in multiple environments with ease.

  • We can be your catalyst in optimal end-to-end development and testing platform

  • We can help you to move fast and test in Kubernetes without breaking things.

  • Access to a cloud-like platform where we can dynamically provision Kubernetes clusters.

  • Our CI pipelines have the necessary privileges to create infrastructure which might be undesirable from a security point-of-view.

  • Tests involve a characteristics test, e.g., measuring performance and scalability of your application. In such situations you would need infrastructure which is more stable with respect to capacity which is what is available from Klusternetes.

An entity driven with passion to deliver excellence in what we do backed by proven global experience & industry veterans.

© Klusternetes 2021. All Rights Reserved.


© Kulsternetes 2021. All Rights Reserved.